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iSTREAM is a suite of tools for IBM i (formerly known as AS/400 and iSeries) that can significantly improve performance characteristics of batch processes. Due to extensive use of parallel programming techniques iSTREAM delivers significant performance improvements for single streamed batch jobs. iSTREAM can split an existing batch process into a number of concurrent streams, completely eliminate backup-related delays, introduce new robust recovery policies and even modify the program logic of existing applications – all without any code modifications.

iSTREAM can be used with applications written in OPM or ILE languages, such as CL, C/C++, COBOL, RPG, et.c and fully integrates with IBM Power HA Cluster configurations based on Assure MIMIX.  Backup and recovery elements of iSTREAM can be successfully used with Java applications.

iSTREAM suite includes the following tools sharing common base services and runtime support:

iSTREAM access for MS Windows providing optional GUI for product server components

The latest release of iSTREAM can optionally be enhanced to tightly integrate with Finastra Equation and can also be used to seamlessly integrate IBM i applications with the Help/Systems Robot/SAVE function.