iSTREAM Performance Investigator

iSTREAM Performance Investigator (PI) is a specialised tool for collecting and analysing job performance data, designed to tackle intricate performance issues through a single data collection approach. PI acts as a versatile umbrella tool, efficiently coordinating with other collectors while providing a unified interface for the comprehensive analysis of all gathered data. This unique capability ensures a streamlined and efficient process, allowing users to address complex performance challenges seamlessly after a single collection process run.

PI’s unique features include:

  • Performance Monitor: Identifying “runaway” jobs based on predefined rules and utilising the above collectors for data gathering.

  • Unified Data Analysis Interface: comprising two components – a 5250 analysis interface (text only) and an MS Windows analysis interface leveraging open Microsoft Excel forms for additional totaling and graph building.

Using iSTREAM PI, all analytical queries are executed through open Query Manager queries and, optionally, Microsoft Excel sheets and graphs.

Full utilisation of PI functionality requires the installation and licensing of the iSTREAM Access for MS Windows option.