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Welcome to Cyprolics Ltd

Cyprolics is a UK-based software development company focused on performance improvement tools for IBM i servers.


  • iSTREAM modification 4.1.1 featuring high-performance journal-based data replication feature wis now available.
  • Support for iSTREAM release 3.6.0 is expected to end in April 2025.

Cyprolics software is packaged as a single Licensed Product for IBM i called iSTREAM

iSTREAM is a suite of tools for IBM i (previously known as AS/400 and iSeries) that can significantly improve performance characteristics of batch processes. Due to extensive use of parallel programming techniques iSTREAM delivers performance improvements for single streamed batch jobs. iSTREAM can split an existing batch process into a number of concurrent streams, completely eliminate backup-related delays, introduce new robust recovery policies and even modify the program logic of existing applications – all without any code modifications.

The iSTREAM distribution includes a unique performance analysis tool for IBM i designed for comprehensive remote performance analysis of complex IBM i based application systems.

The company distributes iSTREAM via a partner network. We provide training for our partners and pilot project implementation assistance.

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